Colorado Tables brings Beetle Kill Pine back to life and into the home by utilizing the wood's signature blue stain to create beautiful handcrafted Beetle Kill furniture

Handcrafted - Sustainable - Repurposed

At Colorado Tables, we repurposed Beetle Kill Pine trees and transform them into handcrafted tables, benches, and many other products.  Add a lasting & beautiful piece of the highest quality Beetle Kill Pine furniture to your home & help us restore Colorado's forests.

Love our new beetle kill table custom made by Colorado Tables! It is everything we hoped for! See Jessica's comment on our Facebook: Colorado Tables

Jessica Robinette Veitch
Frederick, Colorado

Colorado Tables built our custom beetle kill shed for our property in Red Feather Lakes, CO. We provided the floor dimensions and they took care of the rest. It is a great example of their creativity and craftsmanship that is also evident in other wood pieces we have ordered from them including two bar height kitchen tables, bunk beds, a side table, and a butcher block. Really outstanding work! See Marya's comment on our Instagram: Coloradotables

Marya Monahan
Broomfield., Colorado

pegstagram17 Matt, I am in love with this table. Didn’t think Bill and I were going to come to an agreement on this. Thanks to you showing us options in your shop, we got there. It was a pleasure working with you.  See Peggy's comments on our Instagram: Colloradotables

Peggy Moston
Evergreen, Colorado

adoyle14 Colorado Tables did an amazing job bringing our concepts to life! We LOVE our new mantle and coffee table. In fact, the pictures don’t do them justice. They are both stunning and unique pieces. Not only are they responsive and professional, but Matt is a true craftsman. We highly recommend Colorado Tables. If you have an idea, they can bring it to life with one of kind service and craftsmanship. THANK YOU!!!  See Amy's comment on our Instagram: Coloradotables

Amy Doyle
Stain Louis, Missouri

About Us

Colorado Tables LLC

Beetle Kill Furniture

Like many others, we are drawn to Colorado by the Rocky Mountains’ endless source of outdoor activity.  Whether we were driving into the mountains to hike, ski, or mountain bike, it became increasingly more difficult to find unscathed land that wasn’t blanketed with stretches of bleak grey trees as far as the eye could see.

The dead-standing lodgepole pines affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle equal an area the size of Rhode Island and unless removed and re-purposed, the trees choke the forest’s ability to regenerate and greatly increase the risk of forest fires.

This inspired us to find a meaningful way to recycle these trees and we founded Colorado Tables  as a company dedicated to creating heirloom quality, handcrafted end-grain furniture from 100% reclaimed Beetle Kill Pine.

Graciously, the beetles that caused the trees’ demise also imprinted a dramatic blue/grey stain, giving rise to it’s popularity in custom woodworking projects. By milling whole trees ourselves, we are able to bring out the most unique character in the Beetle Kill wood and minimize our waste.

Beetle Kill Pine excites us as woodworkers because we are able to create high-end, one-of-a-kind products without contributing to deforestation. Join us in our mission to restore Colorado’s forests and add a lasting piece of beautiful Beetle Kill Pine furniture to your home!